Localization and Internationalization

What is localization? If your company has an ambitious international strategy, merely translating your content may not be enough. Instead, you may need to consider effectively localizing your message.


We provide localization services that help you optimize engagement in foreign markets, and our localization specialists will assist you in managing your language localization processes, so that you communicate clearly in your target culture.

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Assisting global brands

with their localisation strategies


We have now been working with Lingo24 since 2011, and we are extremely satisfied with their services. In an ever-changing environment, having a business partner who is flexible and cooperative is something you need. We have a great relationship with them, and their focus on customer service and responsiveness to our requirements makes all the difference. Pinnacle Sports
I had Lingo24 recently translate a case study into two different languages. I was so impressed by the actual translation and communication with my rep, that I am very much looking forward to having them translate our new website - translating about 50 pages to 3 different languages! This is a very big job, but I feel very confident that they will do great. MeetingOne

Real benefits

Develop your localization process beyond translation

optimised processes global

Optimized methods for going global

We will show you strategies for greater efficiency and savings as you engage in localization marketing.

increased cultural sensitivity

Greater cultural sensitivity

We carefully pick localization/translation specialists who know your market through and through, and will be aware of the subtle nuances that will ensure your message is well-received.

consistent and accurate approach

Consistent, accurate market approach

Unlike some localization companies, we have reliable processes to ensure that any customer materials targeted toward international markets will be consistent and correct.

advice on localisation

Measure language asset ROI

We will help you measure the return on your language localization, ensuring your content is a valuable asset.

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Services to help you localize your business effectively


On-brand translation

On-point translation for a brand-conscious business