Localization Strategy Assessment

If localization is a central part of your global strategy, the processes involved should be smooth, cost-efficient, and geared toward growth.

Have you ever asked yourself “How good is my localization?”

Our Localization Strategy (LocStrat) Assessment lets you review your company’s localization-related needs and processes and compare them to industry best practices using our Localization Maturity Model (LMM).

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Let us serve as your localization consultancy

Our LocStrat Assessment will allow you to address numerous issues, including:

  • Organizing and optimizing the purchase of translation services on a global scale
  • Taking advantage of technology to reduce project management time internally
  • Making translation a key driving force within your company’s strategy, rather than a bottleneck that holds you back

As a localization and translation consultancy, we know from experience that companies with a strong localization process tend to grow more quickly, use fewer internal resources, and develop a more rational, cost-efficient supplier base.

If this is your goal, our LocStrat Assessment is an excellent step in developing an effective, proactive localization strategy to advance your business.


Download our LocStrat Assessment guide

How it works

The LocStrat Assessment helps to assess your current localization processes, and typically takes about 10 days to finish, depending on the scope.

We determine the scope and goals of your project, ascertain key stakeholders, and compile briefing materials.

We will interview the important stakeholders to ensure we have all the data we need, then use our evaluation tool to review your current localization assets and globalization strategy.

We assess the data captured against our localisation maturity model and supporting good practice to calculate a localisation maturity score and identify recommendations.

We provide a brief report of 10-15 pages that describes our results and offer recommendation for your company and individual departments.


  • Determine your key localization needs, assets and challenges. Identify and promote what is going well and recognize areas that create bottlenecks in your processes.
  • Decide how to optimize your localization tools and processes. Find quick wins and potential investment opportunities for the future, while taking full advantage of the tools and assets you already have.
  • Measure the progress of your globalization efforts against best practices, by comparing your organization-wide and departmental processes to our LMM.
  • Suggestions for optimizing your processes, complete with vendor-neutral recommendations that you can use to enhance your localization delivery.

The result

At the end, we provide you with a comprehensive report on our Localization Strategy findings, along with a presentation tailored to your business. These materials will summarize your LLM score, our complete assessment (including opportunities and risks), and concrete steps you can take to improve processes. In addition, we will deliver a presentation summarizing our findings to key stakeholders, ensuring they understand the results and incorporating any feedback into the final report.


Benefit from LocStrat Assessment