Translation one click away via API

Get high-quality machine translation and human translation with just one click using Lingo24’s translation API.

Our translation and localization API is a quick, easy way to send materials right from your content management system to our translation platform. Save money and time with one-click ordering for your translations. The content you send will be translated professionally and we will notify you as soon as it is ready.

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Translation API: the smart solution

Access Human and Machine Translation quickly and easily

Access our translation platform directly and easily for Raw Machine Translation, Post-Edited Machine Translation or Human Translation.

Set the Quality Levels you want

Whatever your needs may be, Lingo24 lets you select what you want, and only pay for the services you need.

Reliable, Secure Premium Machine Translation

Translate safely, without fear for your data privacy, with our Premium MT API. Get secure, direct, high-volume access to our Premium MT translation engines.

Up-to-date product information and foreign language websites

Translate your blog posts, product info and foreign language emails and queries as soon as they are written by connecting to our API.

What does API mean and why do I need it?

Our translation API (Application Programming Interface) serves as a direct link between your company’s content management system (CMS) and our own. It provides the easiest way to handle large volumes of online content or regular updates that need translating. When we work with you, we can set everything up on your behalf and ensure it is customized to meet your requirements perfectly.

Numerous websites use an API already – picture the websites that link to remote credit card verification systems, or incorporate Google Maps.

Using a translation API will drastically reduce time spent on project management. You can focus on creating outstanding web content while we handle translation. Your translated content will be automatically uploaded directly into your system, and we will send an email notification when it is ready.

Let’s talk about easy ordering and data transfer

How does an API work?

We provide plugins for many types of CMS, including Wordpress, Joomla, FatWire and Drupal. Our developer team has worked with a wide range of clients to create customized APIs that function seamlessly with their systems. Our team will guide you through setting everything up and provide simple instructions at every step.

Once everything is ready, you can begin to order translations with a single click. You will always remain in control of your company’s translation workflow. You can create your own rules for service levels and budgeting. After translations are completed, they can be automatically published or await your approval – it’s up to you!

Translation APIs for all your needs

Business translation API

Our business translation API is the simplest, fastest way to transfer content directly from your company’s systems to Lingo24’s translation platform. We will translate your content professionally and notify you as soon as it is done.

It’s never been easier to get quick, reliable translations. Select from a variety of service levels, based on your budget, content, and deadlines. Our options range from full professional translations by experts to Premium Machine Translation, with or without post-editing services.

Our Business Translation API gives you the following:

  • Pre-built or custom integrators
  • Premium Machine Translation services
  • Support for any major document format (including Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Excel and Word, XLIFF and XML)
  • Savings in money and time

Premium Machine Translation API

Our Premium MT API gives you secure, direct, high-volume access to Lingo24’s Premium MT engines.  You can rest assured that your data and privacy will be safe, because we use SSL encryption and do not store data on our servers.

We have built a variety of Premium MT engines that focus on particular language combinations and fields, ensuring higher quality translations than generic engines would provide.

Lingo24’s Premium MT API is perfect for situations that do not require post-editing – for example, if you need only basic comprehension of a text – as well as sentiment analysis or real-time translation (instant messaging, social media posts).

Lingo24’s Premium MT Translation API provides:

  • A fast solution for large content volumes
  • Premium software that focuses on concrete subject areas (such as Pharmaceuticals, Law, Business, or Information Technologies) and specific language combinations
  • Translation in real-time

Learn more

Discover how you can connect to our Premium Machine Translation API or our Business Documents API by reading our documentation here.
If you would like to start immediately, sign up for an account by choosing from one of our great value plans (including Lingo24’s free starter plan).

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