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We make it easy to integrate your Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform with Lingo24’s translation management systems for efficient, secure, and quick online translation services.


Whenever you translate content with us, you gain free access to our award-winning tools and our certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud translation cartridge.

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Translate your Salesforce Commerce Cloud content easily


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easy to use

Simple to use

Foreign language content and product catalog updates can be managed with little effort.

no setup costs

No technical or setup costs

Gain instant access to our plugin and start your translations immediately, paying only for what you translate.

reduced time to market

Reduced time to market

By automating data transfers, your content can be sent from one server to another almost instantaneously.

generate intl sales

Generate higher global sales

Increase sales conversions from your global websites with our smooth localization process.

Easy Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration

Order translations with one click

Hassle-free setup and 24-hour support for our user-friendly Salesforce Commerce Cloud extension.

We will help you find the perfect balance between content volume and translation quality to provide you with the best return.

Choose the turnaround time and service level you need, then directly monitor your projects through Salesforce Commerce Cloud . Modify your service level to maximize ROI in all your channels.

We will help you get the data you need to measure your ROI and support your global eCommerce growth.

Trusted by global clients

Order seamlessly

When you see new product content (such as catalogue updates), you can select which content you would like translated. You can take a systematic approach, or vary it from one site or category to the next, including:


  • Products
  • Attributes
  • Pages
  • Blocks





Visualizing your translation workflow

You can monitor what has been translated and what still needs to be done, and approve all timing and costs before the start of any project.



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"For those looking to grow their digital commerce business, opening up a new geography should sit atop that list. New geographies offer a potential that soars well above the return of smaller initiatives. The technical barriers have been vastly reduced, pushing brands to connect with their current and prospective customers in geographies in which they are unfamiliar."

- Rick Kenny, Director, Strategic Initiatives at Demandware



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