Fully managed translation

If your translation requirements are complex, or if you enjoy the working with trusted advisors, then we invite you to learn about our account managed translation services.

Let us guide you through the translation process, at no extra cost.

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Quality, account-managed translation

dedicated point

Dedicated account manager and team of translators

advice on localisation

Our technical support experts will help you manage integrations, file formats and more

expert tech support

Personalized advice on the best translation levels and localization options for you

bespoke workflows roi

Custom ROI reporting and workflows designed for your business

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Our account-managed translation process

We will match you with someone who knows your sector and understands how to meet the requirements for your translation project.

Your account manager will serve as your guide to identify the best service level for your project and help you cut costs where possible.

We will not begin working until we have your approval.

Call or email your account manager to get status updates, discuss new jobs or requirements, and learn about other ways we can assist you.

Fully managed translation partnership

We will help find the optimal solution for every project, ensure security for your translation assets and terminology, and automate parts of the workflow, in order for you to receive your translations more quickly and cost-efficiently.

Your fully managed translations

Enjoy the benefits of a having your own team of trusted advisors to give you insights on maximizing translation ROI, handling complex projects, and placing large orders.

Our fully managed translation packages include rigorous quality checks to meet the highest standards. They are perfect for:


  • Any language combination
  • All document sizes and formats
  • Multiple, diverse translation jobs
  • High accuracy, consistency, and style


Meet our Account Managers.

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