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Level 4: On-brand translation

Recommended for:

  • Branded content for international audiences

  • Social media messaging

  • Marketing material targeting international customers

  • International service and product launches

  • AdWords content and pay-per-click advertising

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Price-per-word value


Lingo24 has been a valuable partner by creating accurate and fast translation work for our clients. Where other translation agencies work very literally, Lingo24 really understand our clients’ tone of voice and overall identity to produce work that fits seamlessly into our clients’ websites and print work. Orange
I had Lingo24 recently translate a case study into two different languages. I was so impressed by the actual translation and communication with my rep, that I am very much looking forward to having them translate our new website - translating about 50 pages to 3 different languages! This is a very big job, but I feel very confident that they will do great. MeetingOne

On-brand translation: how it works

Send us your document(s) and relevant reference materials, such as style guide, glossary, and existing translation memory.

We will give you a precise quote based on the materials you send us, and will not proceed until we receive your approval.

We will select the best-matched translators for the job, based on their expertise.

We will then set up a briefing session between you and the translators, to ensure they fully understand your voice, style and brand.

Our translators will work on your content, which will then be reviewed by another translation professional.

We will also use a thorough two-stage feedback process to ensure your comments are integrated and the tone of your brand is properly conveyed.

After collecting and incorporating your feedback, we will carry out a final verification and deliver your file(s) in accordance with your brief and in the same format in which we received the originals. 

On-brand and styled translation

We specialise in translation of content that amplifies your unique voice in every culture, which is ideal for brand-conscious businesses marketing across the globe.


  • Your texts will always be translated correctly and accurately according to your brand and style
  • We incorporate repeated feedback checks to ensure you’re delighted
  • Native and highly-qualified translators will translate, check and review
  • We’ll follow your reference material, terminology assets and style guides

Let’s discuss your budget and needs