Basic translation

Level 1: Machine translation

Recommended for

  • Market research and marketing: survey responses and user insights

  • Internal business communications: internal documents and non-critical messages

  • E-commerce: testing new markets, product support and online assistance

All language


24-hour turnaround

for most jobs

Excellent value

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I really appreciated working with Lingo24 on this project. The use of the translation software made it easy to follow any changes made and to ease the coordination between the different parties. Thanks to this, we were able to meet the tight deadline. TGV Lyria
We were looking for a flexible Translation Partner that could handle a vast array of file formats and translate texts varying from complex technical documentation to user friendly tooltips. We found this in Lingo24 and have used them for both large projects spanning several months and much smaller projects with a turnaround time under a day. During the projects we’ve built a fast paced and straightforward dialog with Lingo24 which we appreciate. Telavox

Post-editing options

Premium machine translation

Real-time, low-cost translation from our machine translation engines.

Light post-editing (PEMT)

An approved native speaker will edit the translated text to ensure all the words are translated correctly, but will not edit grammar or syntax. This is a great option for simple reference materials and guides.

Full post-editing (PEMT)

A translator with experience in the relevant subject area will fully edit the materials, ensuring proper style, grammar and syntax. This is a good option for web pages and detailed manuals, and can be analogous to a professional translation. Full PEMT can be comparable to professional translation.

Premium MT

  • Fluency: Disfluent to good
  • Faithfullness to source: Little to most

Light PEMT

  • Fluency: Good
  • Faithfullness to source: Mostly
  • Quality: Comprehensible and accurate, but not stylistically compelling. Edit offensive and culturally unacceptable content


  • Fluency: Flawless
  • Faithfullness to source: Everything
  • Quality: Comprehensible, accurate as stylistically correct, although not as fluent as human translation.

Quick, lower-cost translations

Machine Translation (MT) is the ultra-low cost solution when hiring a professional translator doesn’t make business sense. Our premium MT provides better accuracy and confidentiality than Google Translate and other free online translation tools, while ensuring you understand texts in other languages.

Our software

  • is confidential and secure

  • provides higher quality than free online translation tools

  • can be trained given feedback to improve quality

  • is sector-specific
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