Basic translation On-brand translation

Level 3: Professional translation

Recommended for

  • Critical business documentation
  • Packaging, diagrams, and technical designs
  • Technicalscientific, and legal documentation
  • Marketing: articles, press releases and market research
  • E-commerce: product portrayals for crucial markets
  • Professional internal communications or external communications and outreach

1,500 words

processed per business day


in any language combination

High price-per-word value

Get professional translation


We organised a true A/B test to try to allow us to think about our next round of translations for our site. We had one site in English and one site in local language for our visitors and compared the results. Luckily, the results were so compelling it was pretty easy to sign off on the next languages, the translated site did 2.5 times betters than the non-translated site. Sports Pursuit
Lingo24 has been a valuable partner by creating accurate and fast translation work for our clients. Where other translation agencies work very literally, Lingo24 really understand our clients’ tone of voice and overall identity to produce work that fits seamlessly into our clients’ websites and print work. Orange

Professional translation: how it works

Send your content and any glossaries, translation memory assets or supporting documents, as well as your required turnaround, a full brief, and desired translator experience level.

We will find the best translators for your project and get back to you with a quote. We will not begin translating until we receive your approval.

An expert translator will work on your project; the content will then be reviewed by an editor. Finally, the edited document(s) will be sent back to the original translator, who will review the edited content, taking into consideration the comments and suggestions from the editor.

We will apply any QA checks that you request, and then send you the translation for feedback.

We will integrate any feedback you provide and deliver a final, proofread translation of the document(s) in the same format you sent us.

Translation and editing

by skilled native experts

Professional translation services are ideal when you need optimum accuracy and want your message to flow naturally and professionally in another language. This option of translation with proofreading will ensure that your content reads accurately and precisely.

  • A seasoned translation professional will translate your document(s)
  • A second, equally qualified expert will edit and review the work
  • We will match the edited translation style and wording to your reference materials, terminology and translation memory
  • We will ensure consistency, meaning, compliance and completeness with national or regional standards (not including legal)
  • The final editing stage will make certain that your text reads naturally in your target language(s)

Discuss your needs with our language experts