We have built our company with scalability in mind, optimizing our processes and innovative technologies to produce the highest-quality translation projects, regardless of size or complexity.

Whatever the client’s growth strategy or needs, we skillfully designate work between computer assisted translation and human translation services, as needed.

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Six ways we are scalable

automation integration

Automated and integrated

We use automation to improve efficiency for a great deal of the translation process. By integrating our technological platforms, we ensure that human translators intervene only when they need to, preventing unnecessary manual management of files and providing cost savings by managing human vs. machine translation.

inhouse mt

Our own machine translation engine

Our custom-built machine translation software allows our translators and staff be even more productive, and ensure even greater scalability and flexibility for you.

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Whatever the size, we deliver

While smaller companies struggle with longer, larger projects, our size and advanced technologies ensure that we can handle the biggest projects, while ensuring they meet your standards and deadlines.

global ops

Global operations

Thanks to our 220 full-time employees at offices that cover all time zones, we keep projects running 24 hours per day. We have developed processes to ensure well-organized management and handovers on any project, if you need it.

translator depth

Impressive network of translators

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our professional freelance translators, covering of over 600 language combinations in total. We take a serious approach to testing and recruiting, to ensure that we work with only the best professionals, and we are confident of each of their abilities.

trusted by translators

Our translators trust us

Our translators truly enjoy working with us – and it shows in our ratings, with a average score of 4.97 (out of 5) and a 4.9 (out of 5) “Translator likelihood of working with us again” score on Thus, we are confident we can rely on them whenever we need their help.We have an average rating 4.97 (out of 5) on, and a score for "Translator likelihood of working with us again" of 4.9 (out of 5) on

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