File Engineering

We know that particular file types can make translations more complicated. But our award-winning technology will make the file engineering process smooth and simple.

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File engineering and filtering for translation

We adeptly handle complex file translation and provide the finished work in your desired format

We can give additional advice on improving your file types

We automate much of the file engineering to improve efficiency

We have a team of technical experts who are always available to help with your files

Let’s discuss file engineering

We analyze the files you provide to evaluate the level of engineering needed.

We extract all the translatable content within your files and transfer it into a Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tool for our translators.

We translate your content according to your needs.

We reformat the translated files into the same format as the source materials.

Document types we can work with


The goal of our File Engineering offering is to identify the translatable content in files supplied by clients and transfer it into a CAT tool to be translated. After translation, we package the resulting content back into the original file format.

The following file formats can be supported without the need for a File Engineer to manually engineer files:


Supported file formats
asp  fxg mif po resx  sxw  xhtml  xml
aspx html odp pot rtf tpl xlf yaml
dita idml ods ppt sdf ttx xliff yml
doc Ini odt pptx sdl txml xls  
docx Json php properties svg txt xlsx  

File filtering

We will extract all content that can be translated from supported file formats and apply our standard workflows. If you only need specific parts of your file translated (such as particular columns or sections, headers, or highlighted areas), our filters can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Complex file engineering

We also offer additional services to engineer files that require more complex work (those not listed in the table above). In addition, we can advise you on how to give your files a more translation-friendly structure in the long-term.

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