Translation Memory and Terminology Management

A Translation Memory (TM) is a database or translation glossary that stores segments of text that have been translated previously.
Terminology Management is the process of compiling key terms into your terminology glossary or TermBank.

Using these tools effectively can save time and money, since there is no need to translate these “memorized” terms and phrases again.

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Save time and money with our tools

Lower costs for similar and repeated content

Higher accuracy and consistency of your terminology

Greater efficiency and quicker translation and turnaround

Up-to-date translation glossary and language assets based on your preferences

Let’s discuss translation memory

If you have an existing translation memory, term banks, or glossary, we will review them.

If you have language assets, we will import them into our system; and if you don’t, we will start to create them for you.

We will ensure your terminology is used accurately throughout your projects, to improve consistency and save you money.

In order for future translations to be even faster and more accurate, we will update your approved terms within your assets following each project.

Translation Memory Management

Make future projects easier by enlarging your translation memory; save money and time by not needing to translate terms already contained in your translation memory.

How we help:

  • Align previously translated texts
  • Import your verified translation memories
  • Modify “issource” settings (switching out target and source languages)
  • Import additional approved materials
  • Change name and language combinations

Translation Memory Consultancy

Build a tailored, optimized translation memory strategy and enhance total translation efficiency.

How we help:

  • Find every available option for broadening translation memories
  • Identify translation memory use for extracting terminology
  • Apply “issource”: make translation memories accessible in reverse
  • Employ authoring tools for source text optimization

Translation Memory Maintenance

Authorize preferential modifications to your translation memories.

Ensure accuracy and consistency for your translations by approving what’s saved in our database.

How we help:

  • Update your translation memory after each job
  • Capture your reviewers’ preferred segments of translated text


Get in touch about enhancing and updating your translation memories.

Terminology Management

Collect key terms into a translation glossary or TermBank so that your company-specific terms are employed correctly and accurately.

How we help:

  • Import any translation glossaries you already have
  • Manage your company’s list of terms and their translations
  • Research pertinent terminology to add
  • Keep your TermBank up-to-date based on concrete translation projects
  • Use our customized TermFinder technology in Coach to build your TermBank from the ground up
Let’s discuss terminology management