E-commerce translation

Our integrated, highly efficient e-commerce and retail translation services will help you get your product to the U.S. or global market more rapidly and cost-effectively, while providing the most appropriate quality level for your platform, product, country, or channel.

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E-commerce localization and translation experts

We are dedicated to globalizing e-commerce

Integrated, fast catalogue update services

Use our API and plugins to connect with our translators directly to order in a single click.

Pricing options that work for all budgets

We offer pricing and quality levels that work for a range of budgets and international objectives.

Maximize your ROI with quality selections

Choose the translation quality that fits your content needs and optimize cost effectiveness.

Your translation memory and terminology

Used consistently and accurately to ensure your translations are spot-on.

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Translating your e-commerce materials is easy

We automatically flag updates to your product catalogue.

Send content for translation securely with a single click.

We will take care of translating based on your selected specifications and service level.

Your translated content will be transferred straight to your e-commerce platform, where you can publish it immediately.

Trusted by global brands

Pricing that works with your budget

Machine translation is more cost-effective than human translation and is an excellent option to test new markets. Or, you can work with your professionals for greater impact. Select from:



Professional content recreation for new markets

What our customers say

about translation and localization services from Lingo24

With their ever so fast, flexible and friendly service Lingo24 has proven itself a reliable partner in Travix's international marketing activities. The translations of Lingo24 enable us to effectively roll out campaigns to multiple markets around the world. Travix
We organised a true A/B test to try to allow us to think about our next round of translations for our site. We had one site in English and one site in local language for our visitors and compared the results. Luckily, the results were so compelling it was pretty easy to sign off on the next languages, the translated site did 2.5 times betters than the non-translated site. Sports Pursuit

Translate product updates quickly

We are designed to provide quick translations

Our award-winning software is created to access and translate content from your e-commerce website easily and whenever you need it.

  • Secure, seamless data transfer
  • Premium, customized machine translation software
  • Easy-to-use project architecture that lets you order with a single click
  • API integration with leading e-commerce platforms
  • Award-winning technology for translation management
  • 24-hour service

Magento plugin

Connect instantaneously with our translators to localize updates and changes to your Magento store.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud  plugin

Gain instant access to our enterprise-specialized translators by using our customized Salesforce Commerce Cloud extension.


Maximize return on translation

Get the best service for your channels

  • Pay only what you need to
  • Get SEO and keyword support when needed
  • Track ROI for every channel
  • Receive expert advice from our e-commerce translation specialists

Consistent use of your terminology

  • Consistent, accurate use of your approved terms
  • Glossary that uses your specific terminology­
  • Greater efficiency and quicker turnaround times for translation­
  • Lower costs of translation for very similar or repeated content
  • Glossary and Translation memory revised following every project
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