Legal translation services

When you engage in U.S. or international trade or merger deals, it is imperative to have effective translation that supports and reinforces your global ambitions.
Running a business in multiple national markets also means you must comply with local laws and provide localized contracts to employees, customers and suppliers.

We will help you ensure your global expansion is safe and profitable with our professional legal translation.

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Grow your business with professional legal translation

We will translate your:

  • Contracts with suppliers, employees, and customers
  • Certificates of incorporation
  • M&A documents
  • General legal correspondence
  • Articles of association
  • Copyright applications

Accurate translation of American and foreign legal documents

When dealing with the law, every word, comma, and clause must be completely precise. Our intensive process ensures you will always be taken care of.

Send us your materials and source content. Provide a complete brief that includes the purpose of this document and any quality checks needed.

We will carefully search our database to find the most well-suited translators (many of whom are members of the American Translators’ Association and other professional bodies) and brief them on your project.

We will oversee professional translation, editing, review and QA for your documents to ensure they are fully aligned with your requirements.

We will compile any feedback provided by your reviewers, make necessary changes, and enter them into your translation memory for projects down the line.

We are trusted globally

Over the past 10 years, we have translated more than 5 million words for American in-house legal teams and law firms, and supported multiple clients who made strategic deals around the world.

We have a carefully-vetted team of tested, U.S. and international legal translators who only do work into their native language, so that every document is accurate, precise, and takes into account knowledge of local laws.

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