Product management and software translation

When you develop new products or software, the product translation needs to keep pace with your schedule and be on-target.

The services we offer to U.S. Software and Product Managers are intended to align with your product localization priorities.

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Integrated, fast, accurate, and flexible

Easy integration into your development toolchain

Integration gives you immediate access to premium machine translation as well as professional translation. You can also order manually using our online tools.

Consistency and accuracy of translation memory and terminology

Use our award-winning CAT tool, Coach, to approve your preferred terminology pairs, collect feedback from internal reviewers, and save money on previously translated terms and strings.

Service levels and pricing for every product development stage

In the early stages, machine translation is a great, low-cost alternative to human translation. Later, you can engage professional translators as you near your launch and require perfection in your product or app localization.

A multitude of quality checks, including character limits

Your localization and software development can necessitate a variety of quality checks. Our tools allow you to select which quality checks you desire, set character limits, and establish mandatory checks or be flexible in your approach.

Contact us

Send us your content and supporting materials. Provide a full brief that includes the purpose of the document and any QA checks that you need.

We will identify the most appropriate translators in our database to work on your project (some of whom are members of the American Translators’ Association or similar professional bodies), or advise you on using machine translation.

We will oversee professional translation, editing, review, and QA for your documents to ensure your requirements are met.

We will compile any feedback provided by your reviewers, make whatever changes are needed, and store them in your Translation Memory for projects still to come.


Open, communicative, professional, attention to detail, and at a reasonable cost. Would highly recommend. Touch Surgery
I had Lingo24 recently translate a case study into two different languages. I was so impressed by the actual translation and communication with my rep, that I am very much looking forward to having them translate our new website - translating about 50 pages to 3 different languages! This is a very big job, but I feel very confident that they will do great. MeetingOne
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Machine translation

  • Computer-generated translations with an option for post-editing
basic tr

Basic translation

  • No-frills translation by human native speakers
professional tr

Professional translation

  • Product translations and edits done by U.S. and international professionals
on brand tr

On-brand translation

  • Translations and edits completed by American and foreign marketing experts

We ensure quick, smooth translation

Quick translation

We are able to deliver rapid translations through:

  • Fast ordering and API integration
  • Instant translation with custom machine translation engines
  • Service 24 hours per day

Smooth integration

Our integration provides instant access to premium machine translations, as well as professional human translation; you can also order manually with Lingo24’s online tools.

  • Secure, seamless data transfer between platforms
  • Our API embedded within your product development lifecycle
  • Support from account managers when needed

Let our specialists take care of the technical stuff

Manipulating a range of complex file formats

Our dedicated file engineering team and cutting-edge technology allows us to extract translatable content from a variety of files. After your content is translated, we will reassemble it in the file format you need. Talk to us about File Engineering.

We can also typeset your materials into various Adobe software, based on your style and brand guidelines, while advising you on layout issues when translated text turns out to be much different in length then the source.

Smart approach to localizing software

When you develop software to reach different markets outside the U.S., you may want to translate materials that appear on screen. We will extract only those materials that require translation, and work with you to send your translated content in the file, format, folder, or column that you need.

Simplify your translation and product localization process