Translation for U.S. marketers

Our specialized services for American and global marketing professionals help you translate marketing materials, website and other branded content, as well as market research materials, based on your quality preferences and your budget.


We will be as careful with your words as you are.

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We will treat your brand with care

The right terminology and tone

Communicate your brand correctly in different languages and cultures.

Pricing that works best for your markets and materials

We will assist you in choosing the marketing translation services and quality that fit best with your budget.

Desktop publishing for your translated content

We will insert translations into the layouts you approve to prevent you from having to manage multiple agencies.

SEO for global markets

We will provide exposure to your brand by ensuring use of the best search terms.

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Marketing translation made simple

Send us your source content, your terminology assets, style guide, and any other supporting materials. Provide a complete brief that addresses the purpose of the document, your desired tone of voice, and any QA checks you would like. We will help you determine the best service level for the project.

We will identify and brief the best-suited translators from our database to work on your project.

We will provide professional translation, editing, checking and review of your documents to confirm they are fully in line with your requirements.

We will compile any feedback provided by your reviewers, make any changes necessary, and add them to your Translation Memory for future jobs.

Trusted by global brands

Translations by Marketing Pros

Return on your investment

We ensure you receive full value for your internalization project:

  • Translators that have extensive experience in copywriting and marketing
  • Thorough briefings with the translation groups
  • Using your specific reference materials and terminology
  • Conveying your brand and tone of voice properly for every target culture


Maximize your SEO and marketing

Lingo24’s global SEO and marketing services ensure your content is completely search optimized for each country and reaches new markets. Plus, our localization consultants will advise you on how you can improve your translation processes. 

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I had Lingo24 recently translate a case study into two different languages. I was so impressed by the actual translation and communication with my rep, that I am very much looking forward to having them translate our new website - translating about 50 pages to 3 different languages! This is a very big job, but I feel very confident that they will do great. MeetingOne
With their ever so fast, flexible and friendly service Lingo24 has proven itself a reliable partner in Travix' international marketing activities. The translations of Lingo24 enable us to effectively roll out campaigns to multiple markets around the world. Travix

Optimize your translation purchases

We can help you choose the optimal service for each channel and job, so you do not pay more than you need to. Alter the quality and time spent on each localization based on the project or country, or change things up as you go.

We will help measure your ROI so that you can adjust as necessary. Choose from:

Integrate Lingo24’s system with your company’s marketing automation platform to order and process your marketing automation content, hassle-free.

Order your translations with just a couple clicks and get your translated texts back in their original context for easy review.

Social media and UGC

  • Translate social media, reviews, and user-generated content into multiple languages without the large price tag, so you and your clients can benefit from crowd-sourced knowledge.
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Website translations

  • Gain exposure in new markets using your most valuable marketing tool. Translate content whenever you need it, or connect content updates right to Lingo24’s award-winning translators and systems.
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Content marketing

  • We provide stress-free marketing localization for creative content marketing so that your campaigns are consistent around the world, stay on-brand, and remain within your budgets.
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Market research

  • Fully localized, cost-efficient translations for market research and surveys. Rapid turnaround and high accuracy delivered by experts from target countries, plus global support 24 hours per day.
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Simplifying file translation

by translating multiple file formats

Your content may be contained in numerous types of files. We will extract content for translation from various file formats and send it back in that same format. This way, you don’t need to copy and paste content from one document to another, or fret about different types of files. A few of the formats we work with include:

  • PowerPoint, Excel and Word­
  • HTML
  • ­Adobe Creative Suite

We will translate your content, but we can also typeset that content into your designated layouts so that your completed article is all set to go. Instead of having to manage multiple agencies, you will have everything completed under one roof.

Learn more about file formats and file engineering services.

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