Content marketing translation

To ensure optimal content marketing localization and translation for your U.S. or global campaign, you’ll want to work with a partner who understands how to provide consistent, accurate, on-brand translations within your desired timeframe and budget, at scale. We will help you do exactly that.


Tailored translation process

An integrated approach

We will recommend a group of sector-specific and creative translators, based on the amount of your creative content that must be “on-brand,” according to your budget.

Extensive briefing

We will take the time to ensure we fully understand every detail of your project, brand, and content strategy, including timescales and budgets.

Stress-free translation

All you need to focus on is presenting your campaign in your primary language. Lingo24’s dedicated Project management team will take care of the rest.

Desktop publishing (DTP)

We can also typeset your translated content based on the guidelines and format you need, in accordance with your instructions, so you can complete all the work under a single roof.

Order content marketing translation

Create and map content for each of your channels and media based on your strategy. Decide which content requires the greatest investment to ensure that translation is spot-on.

Send your content to us as you create it, from a Word document, InDesign or similar files, or right from your CMS.

We will price your translations based on the suitable service level for your content, and find the most appropriate translators to do your project. We will carry out translations in accordance with your instructions, based on the brief you provide and service level you request. You will have access to progress updates whenever you want.

We will typeset the content we translated into InDesign or similar files, so you can use it immediately, and return it to you in the same format in which you sent it. You can use our integrations so that translated content is automatically populated right into your CMS, ready to publish.


Open, communicative, professional, attention to detail, and at a reasonable cost. Would highly recommend. Touch Surgery
We organised a true A/B test to try to allow us to think about our next round of translations for our site. We had one site in English and one site in local language for our visitors and compared the results. Luckily, the results were so compelling it was pretty easy to sign off on the next languages, the translated site did 2.5 times betters than the non-translated site. Sports Pursuit

High efficiency through integration

When it comes to content marketing, there is often extensive back-and-forth with revisions on time-sensitive materials. We can simplify translation management through an integrated solution for immediate ordering and publishing.

Learn more about Lingo24’s translation integrations.

Simplify content translation