User-Generated Content (UGC) translation

Get efficient UGC translation without the high costs of professional translators. Our solutions let you pay only for user-generated content translations that you consider “good enough.”

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Social Media and UGC Translation

Get feedback from U.S. and international customers

Read social media translations so you can respond to comments

Provide user review translations so American and foreign customers can read product feedback

Interpret customer queries as they come in, so you can follow up as needed

Let’s discuss UGC

We help you analyze all your UGC channels and prioritize them as needed.

We will assist you in determining the services that are optimal for your content, and help you develop an appropriate workflow.

Your content will be translated using the service level agreed upon.

We will send back your content, ready for translation.

We will code open-ended survey responses in accordance with your criteria.

A smart approach

We will assist you in balancing quality and value, to save time and money. We typically recommend Machine Translation or Basic Translation, but are happy to discuss your projects on an individual basis. ­

Learn more about Lingo24’s dedicated market research services.

  • Connect with us using API and send translation-ready content immediately
  • Send content in batches/waves in excel format
  • Choose your service based on media, language and content type
  • Safeguard sensitive responses through secure coding, when needed
  • Receive fast, cost-effective translations


Let’s discuss social media content