CMS and website translation services

Your American or international website is the face of your business and serves as your most important marketing and sales tool. Thus, it should reflect your brand globally, with multilingual website design that supports customers from around the world and meets all your speed and quality requirements.

Lingo24’s website localization team will show you how to create a multilingual website and help you take your online presence to a global level.

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Let us deal with the technical stuff

Improve your efficiency through API integration

Manage content and update translations quickly, with minimal fuss.

International content management made easy

Export content from your website and send to us to be translated in line with your content calendar.

Localize when you need to

Send your content to us as soon as it is created and receive the translated versions ready to be uploaded into your CMS.

Maintain updated international websites

We provide the easy solution to keeping your international websites and web localization updated all at once.

Translate your website easily and efficiently

Four easy steps to website translation

Create website content for each of your sites as usual.

Send website content to us when it’s created, in its original format or through API, directly from your company's CMS.

We will localize and translate materials based on your instructions, the service level you request, and brief you provide. You will have access to progress updates whenever you’d like.

Use an integration for smooth CMS localization; your translated content will be automatically populated into your CMS, ready to be published.


We organised a true A/B test to try to allow us to think about our next round of translations for our site. We had one site in English and one site in local language for our visitors and compared the results. Luckily, the results were so compelling it was pretty easy to sign off on the next languages, the translated site did 2.5 times betters than the non-translated site. Sports Pursuit
Lingo24 have reduced the turnaround time for translations for our clients from 5 days to 3 days, which allows me to meet or exceed our clients expectations. Global Eagle Entertainment

A business oriented approach

to reduce total costs

Your time and your budget are limited. We will advise you the best ways to cut costs (such as ignoring pages that do not get many visits) and optimal areas where to invest (i.e., campaign-related materials or particular target markets). In addition, we will maximally automate online processes so everything is quick and efficient.

Support for major CMS translation

(content management systems)

Our plugins and API let us integrate and streamline translations easily for most major website and CMS platforms. We currently offer outstanding support for:

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud translation
  • Magento translation
  • Wordpress translation
  • Fatwire translation
  • Joomla! Translation
  • And more

Whatever the system used by your website, we will develop workflows to provide cost-efficient, stress-free translations.

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